When deciding whether or not to invest, we focus on such questions as:

  • do the products/processes provide a sufficiently beneficial competitive edge, and do the products/processes solve an existing or predictable problem/need in the long term?
  • is there effective patent protection / a patent strategy, where beneficial, and/or is this achievable?
  • has the company already achieved market success or another kind of track record? Does it understand the market?
  • have verifiable pilot projects been carried out, and/or is there reliable data available?
  • is the target market attractive (in terms of size, growth and returns)?
  • how can the company enter or penetrate the market in a credible way?
  • is there a management team with suitable experience to put adequate business structures in place? What should these look like?

bmp supports technology-oriented businesses with venture capital from IBG funds, and provides them with active support as they grow and develop their business. It assumes lead, co-lead, but also co-investor roles in this process.