Innovative software for project management in mechanical and plant engineering

The digitalisation of project management is still far from optimal in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.
For the first time, COMAN (CONSTRUCTION MANAGER) offers digital and networked project management with mobile status recording on site, allowing advances made in the project to be downloaded in real time 24/7 anywhere in the world.
The innovative software links together the tools for CAD layout, quantity structure and scheduling, which are otherwise only used separately and in parallel to one another, to record and visualise the progress made with the project, for fault tracking, and for further documentation within one system.
The solution comprises expert systems, mobile apps, a cloud server and universal interface module for the importation and exportation of all common data and connectivity to in-house IT applications.
COMAN helps reduce project costs and minimise implementation risks, and at the same time significantly improves quality and transparency through an improved standard of planning and an increased level of detail. In addition to automated data reconciliation, it is also possible to cut the time spent on the construction site by optimising processes.
COMAN was developed under practical conditions in direct collaboration with reputable customers to meet the precise requirements of project management in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, and is already being implemented as a standard solution world-wide.